Cycling Donegal Cost with E-bke

Hills Are Easy… Just Use An E-bike

Cycling in Ireland with and E-bike
E-bike, Donegal, Ireland

Have you ever been on a family cycling holiday, or even on a one day group cycle, over hilly terrain? Then you will know that as soon as the road starts to go uphill, your groups cohesiveness goes quickly downhill. It’s an all too familiar occurrence. While the fitter cyclists among the group cruise effortlessly up even the steepest hills, those of us who exhibit the normal human frailties are left to puff and pant our way to the top. It can be both frustrating and a source of tension between group members.

If a cycling holiday destination appeals to you but you fear the hills, then fear not! The solution may be as short as a single word — “e-bike”!

E-bike, electric bike, electrically assisted bike, pedal assist, pedalec. Essentially they all mean the same thing. These are conventional bicycles with a motor and battery added. When assistance is required, the motor engages, and gives that lovely push that takes you effortlessly up even the toughest hill.

If you are somebody who feels that this is not really cycling, or that it’s a bit of a cop-out, well consider that you will still be turning the pedals as much as you would on a normal bike. If you sit there and do nothing, your e-bike will also do nothing. The assistance only engages when you pedal. The experience of cycling is exactly the same — just without the same effort on the hills.

Most cycling holidays in Ireland follow routes over hilly terrain. At Ireland by Bike our Highlights of Donegal Bike Tour is one of our most popular. It follows a beautiful route along the coast and through the Donegal highlands. Is is a route that is constantly hilly. Similarly, our new Causeway Coast tour follows a stunningly beautiful coastline, but once again the routes are hilly. This is fine for anyone with even a moderate level of fitness. However if you would like to take the effort out of making it to the top of those hills, the solution is easy… simply opt for an e-bike!

Advantages of using an e-bike.

  • Cycle up hills as if you are cycling on the flat.
  • Cover longer distances at ease.
  • Get the exercise without the grind.
  • Cycle without difficulty in a mixed ability group.

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