7 Great Reasons To Make Donegal Your Cycling Holiday Destination

cycling the donegal coast

If Ireland is on your cycling holiday bucket list then you’ll need to decide where on our wonderful Island you want to go. Here are our top reasons why we think Donegal is the obvious choice. 1- See Ireland’s Most Stunning Scenery The website Irelandbeforeyoudie.com ranked Ireland’s most beautiful counties and – no surprises here […]

A Feast For The Senses – 5 Great Reasons To Tour By Bike

Have you ever been travelling by car and spotted something really beautiful? It happens often. Maybe it’s an amazing view, or an animal in the field, or perhaps a beautiful building. The urge is always the same; stop the car… get out… take a closer look…enjoy the surroundings… take some photos! How often though has […]

Bike Tours in Europe For Beginners

cycling in Ireland

If you hail from somewhere other than Europe and are thinking of visiting at some stage in the future, it is well worthwhile considering travelling by bicycle. For visitors to Europe, exploring by bike is the perfect way to really immerse yourself in the area. Travelling by bicycle allows you to experience so much that […]

A Stunning Day Of Cycling On The Causeway Coast

The Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland

If you take our Causeway Coast self-guided bike tour you will enjoy great ocean views, a wealth of history, pleasant towns and villages and quiet country roads. Every day has something different to offer, something unique to that part of Ireland. Each day of the tour is a joy, with views, historic sites and more […]

Exploring Ireland’s Bogs by Bicycle

Cycling Through Irish Bogs

What comes to mind when you picture Ireland’s landscape? Heather covered mountains, green fields surrounded by dry stone walls, dramatic coast and – of course – bogs. Bogs, boglands, peat, peatland, turf, in Ireland they all mean roughly the same thing. For years bogs were regarded as being useful for one thing and one thing […]

5 Hidden Gems Not to Miss On Your Donegal Bike Tour

Cyclist at the coast. Donegal, Ireland

One of the big advantages of choosing to travel by bicycle it the ease at which it allows you to stop and explore. Compared to our fellow visitors, who opt to explore from behind the wheel, being on a bike allows you to easily climb off, to check things out, or head down that narrow […]

Travelling to Ireland in Summer 2022

Martello tower on the Donegal coast

The signs are positive and it looks like the world is finally beginning to emerge from the two years of lockdowns, isolation, fear and uncertainty caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. For many of us the urge to travel is stronger than every. Experiencing the wonderful sights, smells and sounds while cycling or hiking through […]

A Simple Bike Repair Kit To Carry When Cycling

Electric Bikes in a Row for Hire

Anyone who has done even a limited amount of of cycling will almost certainly know what a nuisance it can be if you have a sudden breakdown or puncture that leaves you stranded on the roadside. Yet, while such incidents will always be an inconvenience, there is no reason why they should be anything more […]

Self-guided Bike Tours in Ireland

Staff member Cormac cycling at Sliabh Liag (Slieve League)

Thinking of going self-guided?  Here are the answers to the most important questions about self-guided bike tours in Ireland. If you are planning a cycling holiday or bike tour in Ireland, there are a number of tour types to choose from. These include Guided Bike Tours; Self-Guided Bike Tours; and Fully Independent Tours. With a […]

Tips for Maintaining Your Bike

Bicycles at Teelin, Donegal

Here are our tops tips to keep your bike in tip top shape… It’s the middle of winter here in Ireland now, and the weather this time of year can put increased strain on your bike. But no matter what the time of year, a bicycle that is well looked after, will make your tour […]