When to go Cycling in Ireland

What is the best time of year for a cycling holiday in Ireland?

You’ve seen the photos of the green fields, the sandy beaches, the rugged coast and the heather covered hills. You’re sold! It’s time to make Ireland the destination for your next cycling holiday. So is there a best time to go?… and if so, what is it?

Irish cycling holidays seeing young lambs in Spring
You’ll see plenty of these on an Irish cycling holiday in Spring.

The months from November to March are best avoided. Short days, restaurants and other attractions closed and the possibility of snow or ice could make any bike tour very challenging. April and October can sometimes be very pleasant. That said, they can sometimes also be very challenging. That leaves the months from May to September.

If you choose to do a guided cycling tour you will be tied to certain departure dates. However a self guided cycling tour will allow you to choose your own time to go.

So what will the weather be like during those months? Ireland’s weather is legendary for it’s unpredictability, and at any time of year you can encounter anything from clear blue skies to heavy rain. So no matter what time of year you plan to cycle in Ireland, it is best to come prepared. Norwegians have a saying that there is no bad weather — only bad clothing! If you apply this to your Irish cycling holiday, you will be ready for whatever weather you encounter. Rain will probably only add to the sense of adventure.

Oh! and another thing! It is easy to forget about sunscreen, but don’t be surprised if you end up needing it more than your rain gear.

A cycling holiday in any of the months from May to September can hold it’s own special treats. If you choose to cycle in May and early June you can expect to experience all the joys of spring. Young lambs play in the fields and trees and hedges spring to life. Birdsong fills every daylight hour.

From mid June through to the end of July the days are long — really long, with sunshine until after 10 p.m. in the last days of June. You’ll hardly need that much light to complete your biking each day, but it still adds to the magical atmosphere.

Heather covered hills on Irish cycling holidays.
In Ireland the heather blooms in late summer.

Later in the summer the heather blooms, covering the hills with a wonderful purple carpet. In September the first hints of autumn colours appear, and every day reveals a new canvas.

So from spring through to autumn, cycling holidays in Ireland hold a treasure trove of very different experiences. It is probably best to simply go at a time that suits you. One way or another you won’t leave disappointed.

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