Cycling down Granny Valley, Ardara, County Donegal, Ireland, with Ireland by Bike.

Ray Friedman and Jen-Jen Lin

Cycling down Granny Valley, Ardara, County Donegal, Ireland, with Ireland by Bike.
Ray and Jen-jen in Granny Valley, Donegal, Ireland.

My wife and I loved our bike trip with Ireland by Bike. The routes Seamus designed are gorgeous – through open meadows, by oceans and inlets, and across mountain valleys. This is a truly stunning part of the world. What made it especially nice is that 80% of the roads had almost no traffic. We also loved the freedom of a self-guided tour. We started early some days, and after lunch on other

days – whatever we felt like. We took more or fewer side trips, based on how energetic we felt. If we found an especially relaxing spot, we stopped there for hours. No-one told us what to do, or when to do it. It was an adventure, that we could control.

It was also quite comfortable. The B&B’s were all well done, with wonderful hosts who often met us with tea and snack ready. Having our luggage transported every day by Ireland by Bike made things really easy. And the way they provided directions for the routes was simple to follow. We made it even more comfortable by using eBikes. We got lots of exercise, but those uphill climbs were so much easier, as were those last 10 km of each day’s biking. eBikes also make it easier to stop/start to take lots of photos, and as a couple in our 60’s, ebikes let us do more of the optional routes.

We’ll be coming back again, for sure. At least 10 times each day, my wife and I said to each other “this is so beautiful!” We met open and friendly people all along the way. We explored cliffs by the ocean, beaches with caves, a 4000 year old “dolmen,” lighthouses, castles, and farms. This was actually our 30-year anniversary celebration. It was perfect!

Ray Friedman and Jen-Jen Lin, TN, U.S.A.  Highlights of the Highlands July 2019

Highlights of the Highlands Cycling holiday in Donegal Ireland.
Cycling their e-bike to see the Sliabh Liag Cliffs
Ran and Jen-Jen cycling holiday Glencolmcille Donegal Ireland
Ray and Jen-Jen bike tour at Cloch an Aonaigh

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