Declaration of Competency and Understanding of Cycling Safety


Prior to us accepting your booking, you must confirm your competency and the compentency of all group members to cycle safely.

Please read this Declaration of Competency and Understanding of Cycling Safety

(a) Competency
In booking a cycling tour or bike rental I/we assume responsibility for my/our competence as a cyclist/cyclists and my/our ability (medical and physical) to complete my/our chosen tour.

I/we have no underlying health conditions or pre existing injuries which could inhibit my/our ability to participate in the programmes or activities provided
I/we accept the normal risks associated with cycling, including cycling on public roads.

Important note: If you or any member of your group believe you require training or practice in some aspect of cycling to improve your competency, you must make arrangements to attend cycle training and/or practice before booking.

(b) Cycling Safety
I am/we are familiar with the Rules of the Road as relating to cycling in the Republic of Ireland and/or Northern Ireland.
I/we understand my/our responsibilities when cycling and can identify hazards associated with cycling and understand appropriate controls to address such hazards.
I/we acknowledge that cycling can be dangerous and I/we fully understand and accept all associated risks.
I/we understand that cycling on varied terrain, including busy streets, steep ascents, steep descents and uneven surfaces requires me/us to limit my/our speed so that I/we can safely stop in all situations.
I/we understand the importance of wearing a helmet and high visibility clothing.
I/we will not cycle under the influence of alcohol or other substances that may impair my/our judgement or coordination.
I/we accept that participation in programmes and activities is at my/our own risk and that I/we accept the risks involved and are responsible for my/our own actions and involvement.